CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Two people are filing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against those they believe are responsible for a deadly car attack by the Downtown Mall.

Plaintiffs Tadrint Washington and Micah Washington name a total of 30 defendants in their lawsuit, including James Alex Fields Jr., Jason Kessler, and Vanguard America. The sisters are seeking a trial by jury in Charlottesville Circuit Court, and a total of $3 million in damages.

The Washingtons claim Fields "deliberately slammed his car," into their vehicle along 4th Street, causing them to hit a crowd of protesters. Dozens of people were treated for various injuries. Thirty-two-year-old Heather Heyer was pronounced dead at the University of Virginia Medical Center. A medical examiner later concluded the cause of her death was due to blunt-force injury.

"And see EMTs fighting as hard as they can to revive someone. I mean, as hard as they can, to see the passion they had trying to bring this woman back, was something that I never thought I would have to experience," Micah Washington said.

The sisters say the experience was traumatic, and while they are recovering from their physical injuries, their mental health is suffering.

“Just by seeing somebody go that much into my car, you know it just brought me back to like somebody was really trying to kill us. That God really saved us, you know," said Tadrint Washington.

Fields is currently facing one count of second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding, and one count of hit-and-run. He had been seen participating in white activist Kessler's Unite the Right rally at Emancipation Park earlier in the day. Pictures show Fields holding a Vanguard America shield.

The plaintiffs' lawsuit is arguing the following charges against the defendants:

  • Count I: assault and battery (against Fields)
  • Count II: civil conspiracy (against all defendants)
  • Count III: negligence per se violation of Virginia Code 18.2-46.5 committing, conspiring and aiding and abetting acts of terrorism (against all defendants)
  • Count IV: negligence per se violation of Virginia Code 18.2-408 and 18.2-415 incitement to riot and disorderly conduct (against all defendants)
  • Count V: intentional infliction of emotional distress (against all defendants)
  • Count VI: civil aiding and abetting assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress (against all defendants)
  • Count VII: negligence (against Fields)
  • Count VIII: negligence (against Kessler)

The sisters said they thank God that they are alive and that they were there in their car, because if they weren't there as a barrier then many more could have been injured or worse.