CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The amount of flowers, candles, and other mementos at the spot where Heather Heyer died is growing as time progresses. 
The police chief of Charlottesville says the portion of Fourth Street will stay closed for the time being.
Groups have been praying at the scene of the car attack or sharing their memories of Heyer, who was a familiar face around the city.

Heyer worked as a paralegal at Miller Law Group in Albemarle County. NBC29 sat down with the firm's president, Larry Miller, who says Heather was a key part of his practice, and was a "phenomenal" employee.

"Heather -- her desk was up front, and that's where I was at. And her chair was where she left it on Friday. And I couldn't touch it. It was really hard to see it, because I expected her to walk in at any time... and she didn't,” said Larry Miller, Miller Law Group President. 

Miller says he will miss Heather's sharp wit and her great sense of humor.

He says she believed all people are the same, and everyone deserves the same opportunities for success.