CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Dozens of people came out tonight to remember Heather Heyer and honor her life.

Heather Heyer is the victim that was fatally injured when Ohio resident Jason Fields plowed his car into a crowd of pedestrians. 

Community members, including one man who was injured when that car plowed into the crowd, came together to pray, lay flowers, and be together in response to the incident.

"I'm totally traumatized. I'm totally in distraught. There's just so many words I can say,” said Charlottesville native Atruiu Jackson. 
People at the vigil say the events related to the Unite the Right rally do not reflect the Charlottesville communities’ beliefs. They want to use time after all of this to pick up the pieces. 

One vigil that was planned for Sunday night was postponed, because organizers anticipated threats.