AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A Verona-based organization is seeking damages against a member of the Waynesboro Police Department.

Nexus Services Inc. filed a complaint against Officer Kimberly Sue Vance on Wednesday, August 2.

According to Nexus, Vance mislead a security guard in order to enter its corporate campus on Tuesday, August 1, and then searched the Interim Healthcare office without a warrant.

In its complaint, Nexus states, "after entering the company property of Nexus under false pretenses, Defendant Vance admitted to other individuals on campus that she had lied to gain entry and attempt to 'look around'."

Lauren Belew claims she was working at the Interim Healthcare on Tuesday, and that Vance was wearing "a polo shirt that said Waynesboro Police, a gun belt, and a badge hung around her neck."

The court document notes, "the Nexus campus is located several miles outside of Vance’s jurisdiction as a Waynesboro police officer."

Nexus believes Vance committed an act of trespassing and defamation, and wants the officer to pay attorney fees and punitive damages. The organization is asking for a jury trial.

The organization's president and CEO, Mike Donovan, said in a statement,"Police are not above the law. A police officer who breaks the law and violates people's civil rights must be held accountable for their actions." 

Nexus was previously involved in a federal lawsuit with Augusta County officials, but has since dropped the case.

Statement from Nexus Services Inc. President and CEO Mike Donovan:

"Police are not above the law. A police officer who breaks the law and violates people's civil rights must be held accountable for their actions.

Officer Vance knew her actions were illegal, and she chose to lie to security officers and enter our property under false pretenses so that she could accomplish her nefarious objectives. This constitutes illegal trespass and is in clear violation of our fourth amendment constitutional rights.

Nexus Services filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in response to an unconstitutional search of our property. This police officer, acting for no legitimate reason but under the color of law, trespassed on our property for the expressed purpose of conducting a search. We have security to ensure that our property is safe from those who might trespass or worse, those who might seek to manufacture evidence of criminal activity that could then be used to harm our company or our employees. Let this action be a clear indicator of our intent to protect the sanctity of our property and to stand up to corrupt law enforcement anywhere we find it."