NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A group in central Virginia is planning its next steps to stop Dominion's proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Their action comes just days after federal regulators released a final environmental review of the natural gas project.

"We're having a meeting for the people in Nelson County to understand better what the process is happening with the pipeline," Joyce Burton with Friends of Nelson said.

For the Friends of Nelson County, the fight against Dominion's proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline is far from over.

"We want to make sure land owners here understand that the fight is not over, that this is not meaning the project has been approved yet," Burton said.

Members of the group met Sunday night for an update on the project's progress. Earlier this week the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released its final environmental assessment of the plan.

FERC says the pipeline's construction could cause "less than significant" impacts if “done correctly."

"They're as bad as we assumed they were going to be. Critical information is not included in it,” Ernie Reed, Friends of Nelson president, said.

Dominion Energy says the report is the final step needed to move forward with the project. Nelson County property owners say they are also looking forward to the next step.

"There's so many flaws with them that it's actually going to be quite simple and interesting for folks like us to be able to exploit their shortcoming,” Reed said.

The group says it will take legal action if FERC approves a permit for the pipeline.

"It's really important for people to know about it right now and to be involved right now because there's a public comment period underway," David Sligh of Wild Virginia said.

This group is determined, now more than ever, to keep working to prevent this pipeline.

“People live in Nelson County and other beautiful parts of Virginia because they're beautiful and peaceful, because that is valuable,” Sligh said.

FERC will review the proposed pipeline permit. A decision on whether it will be approved is expected in early fall.