Family members of an Albemarle County woman who was found shot to death are demanding answers.

Fifty-one-year old Pherbia Tinsley was murdered five years ago as of July 14. Five years later, with the help of a Virginia-based nonprofit, the family hopes to find some sort of closure.

The Aware Foundation reached out to her family to help push for answers. They are a Roanoke-based nonprofit that works to help spread the word of those missing, endangered, or murdered.

At four a.m. on July 14 2012, Tinsely left her home, but police say they do not know why. She then drove to an apartment complex off Hardy Drive.

Investigators say an hour later she was found shot to death on Prospect Avenue. They are unsure about someone else was with her but, anything beyond that, remains a mystery.

The Aware Foundation, along with the family, will be holding an event on July 15 at Forest Hills Park to raise awareness about Tinsley's murder. 
"It's at a standstill. We don't know anything about who or why and I haven't heard anything form the police department, but I saw that they said they'll still working on it but it's five years now..." said Telambria Tinsley, Pherbia Tinsley’s daughter. 

Representatives for the Aware Foundation says it believes Tinsley’s killers are still walking the streets and says it wants to make, him, her or them “extremely nervous.” It also says it hopes someone's heart will soften and come forward with answers.