CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Developers for the East Jefferson Place Project are hoping to create additional residential spaces for the Downtown area in Charlottesville. 

Great Eastern Management, which owns the building, has the opportunity to build a commercial space with only a few dozen residential units. Instead it has elected to include more residential units. 

“We could by right build 130 to 150 thousand square foot office building with commercial use and about 30 residential units. We are instead asking for 126 residential units with maybe 10,000 feet of commercial,” David Mitchell, with Great Eastern Management. 

The Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce says the management company’s dedication to providing more residential space for people in Charlottesville will benefit the community.

"It meets the city's comprehensive plan goals, it enjoys the support of the business community and it enjoys the support of numerous businesses that for see this as a great spot for their workers today and tomorrow to live and be able to walk to work,” President and CEO of Chamber of Commerce Timothy Hulbert. 

Residents in a neighborhood near the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville are concerned about the size of a proposed apartment building. Great Eastern says they have redesigned the plan three times in response to those concerns.

One of those concerns has to do with lack of parking in the Downtown area. The project, however, would knock down the current space and rebuild a two-tiered structure and include designated parking underneath. 

“We fully park our project. In fact, we have extra parking spaces, so we in no way cause additional concerns with parking,” said Mitchell. 

City Council is set to discuss this topic on June 5 and requests feedback from the community.