CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A woman who says a now former-Charlottesville police officer sexually assaulted her is worried about her safety and wants to relocate.

Ronna Gary testified on April 13 that Christopher Alan Seymore forced her to perform sex acts two separate times on November 18, 2016.

Gary now says she's being harassed at her home - where the alleged incident happened - and doesn't feel safe.

“For me the attack happened in my home. So it's not even a home, it's a house. It's no longer your... I consider a home a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It's a reminder every day and what happened and what took place and this person knows my location, or his friends or someone who wants to retaliate and there have been things that have already happened," she said.

Monday, June 19, Gary told NBC29 that she is upset it's taking so long for the trial to happen. She added that she didn't want to come forward in the first place.

Gary had previous testified that Seymore was investigating a traffic incident on her street, which she had witnessed, and that the officer entered her home to take her statement. She claims Seymore began groping her, and that he pushed her to have oral sex with him. Gary said she obliged, because Seymore was a police officer.

She claims Seymore came back to her home later, purportedly to inform her about the resolution of the traffic incident. Gary said he quickly resumed the sexual advances, and again pushed her to have oral sex with him.

Seymore's alleged conduct only became known to the Charlottesville Police Department after Gary talked about it with an officer she knows. Otherwise, Gary said she would have taken this all to her grave.

"I'm just very hurt today. You know, I'm very hurt and I'm very disappointed, very disappointed, but I just keep pulling along," Gary said.

Monday, a Charlottesville grand jury indicted Seymore on two counts of sodomy.

According to authorities, Seymore had been with the Charlottesville Police Department for 18 months, but was fired upon his arrest.

A two-day trial for Seymore is scheduled for December 7.