CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Even though Charlottesville City Council has voted on new names for Lee Park and Jackson Park in downtown Charlottesville, one city council member says it will take some time to see the changes. 

Lee Park will now be called Emancipation Park and Jackson Park will be called Justice Park, but the statues in the parks are a separate issue.

At this point, just the names of the parks and signage throughout Charlottesville are changing.

“These references are all over the place. In Charlottesville, they could be alongside a road, they could be on a building, sometimes they're on sidewalk or General Beauregard or whoever ate breakfast here. I mean, they are all over the place and we will just find these out one by one and we'll correct the historical record,” said Bob Fenwick, Charlottesville City Council member.

Councilors are calling this a community-wide effort and encourage people to let them know where they see Jackson and Lee written on maps, plaques, and other places.