RICHMOND, Va. (WVIR) - A new study from Virginia Commonwealth University seems to prove that your boss has a big impact on whether or not you stick around or flee.

This research shows that an inspirational leadership style that engages employees and helps them realize their value can go a long way.

The research looked at managers and employees over a 15-month period. Bosses who used pressure tactics such as threats and demands saw their employees become less engaged, and ultimately, these employees were more likely to quit.

However, supervisors who possessed a more positive, encouraging management style were more likely to have employees hang on.

“Everything you say and everything you do and everything you don't say and everything you don't do sends a message to your people,” Christopher Reina, lead research professor from the VCU School of Business, said.

According to Reina, negative workplaces can have a contagious effect. Those workers can bring home that attitude to their families and neighbors. And when one person jumps ship from that environment, it could lead to a wave of resignations, he says.

Reina says for employees who find themselves in a difficult situation, it can be helpful after a big project or deadline to talk with your boss; discuss what they do that's helpful for you to perform well, and your manager might see the value in adjusting for a better outcome.