The threat of the invasive insect, the emerald ash borer, has caused a presidential estate in Albemarle County to take extra precaution.

James Monroe's Highland wants to be sure that the beetle does not have an opportunity to kill ash trees on the property. The company treating the trees, Bartlett Tree Care, started working on the property weeks ago. 

Staff at the Highland say they really value their iconic ash trees. The estate was formally known as Ash-Lawn Highland since it has more than one hundred ash trees on the property. All of those trees will be receiving treatment. 

"This is preventative and we don't want them to come here because it is such a devastating insect to the ash trees..." said Jason Woodle of James Monroe's Highland.

Since the insect has made its way to the Charlottesville area, the Virginia Department of Forestry is also warning the public to be aware.

Experts say treating ash trees will kill the insect before it does any damage. They also suggest talking with an arborist with any concerns.