CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - NBC29 is investigating a postal problem plaguing Charlottesville. Those using the United States Postal Service (USPS) say their service is spotty and in some cases, they haven't seen a delivery in at least a week.

Postal carriers out on the road Wednesday say the mail delay is due to a staffing shortage. They add something has to change because the mail isn't being delivered on time.

James Sprouse Jr. checks his mailbox along Elliott Avenue in Charlottesville hoping something has been delivered. He says some days the mail comes, some days it doesn't and it's causing people who rely on the service some serious problems.

“People are like, ‘Hey, where's our mail? We have packages. We have bills to pay,’” Sprouse said.

Sprouse isn't the only person not receiving mail. Across town around University Circle people say they also aren’t receiving their mail.

"If you're using the mail, you want to receive the U.S. mail,” said Erica Goldfarb, upset USPS customer.

Some USPS customers say they haven't seen a mail truck or letter carrier in a whole week.

“People get sick, trucks break down but the last couple of weeks it's started to get really, really spotty," Goldfarb explained.

Goldfarb is one of the lucky ones. She received her mail Wednesday for the first time since last Wednesday.

Mail carriers say they're working until 9 p.m., racking up, in some cases, 40 hours of overtime in a pay period. They're even bringing in mail carriers from Fredericksburg to help.

“Everyday I’ve got mail going out and mail coming in,” said Karen Marsh, upset USPS customer.

The staffing shortage at the post office is hurting Marsh. She runs a nonprofit out of her home and is in the middle of a major fundraising campaign.

"So we're really hoping the checks will be coming. They are very time sensitive and being financial pieces of mail, they're particularity important,” Marsh explained.

The post office issued a statement to NBC29 saying: 

The Postal Service takes customer complaints seriously and local postal officials are investigating. We are committed to identifying and correcting processes, as needed, to maintain the service our customers expect. Employees do occasionally request leave, such as vacation leave or sick leave, but staffing at local Post Offices has been normal and adequate.
We appreciate customers’ feedback and encourage customers to contact the Postal Service directly to ensure a prompt response.  One effective method for customers to leave feedback is through Postal Service customer insight surveys, which can be found at the bottom of all receipts after purchase. Customers can share general concerns, complaints and compliments at any time at our toll free number at 1-800-ASK-USPS (275-8777). Customers also are welcomed to contact local postal representatives at 804-775-6313 during normal business hours.