WAYNESBORO, Va. (WVIR) - Police are investigating reports of cats being shaved without their owners' consent.

The Waynesboro Police Department says it has received complaints from multiple neighbors in the Tree Streets Inn area of pet cats being shaved in their underbelly and/or groin area.

Police say they initially suspected proactive citizens were taking the animals to get spayed or neutered, but that theory was disproved when the same cats were shaved multiple times.

Authorities tell NBC29 that these cats are not feral, are well-kept and well-groomed, wear collars, and are clearly pets.

The Waynesboro Police Department knows of this happening to at least seven cats.

Waynesboro.com's Facebook Post:

Flyers have been posted that warn residents of the Tree Streets that somebody is abducting cats and shaving their abdomen and groin areas.

As bizarre as this sounds, Waynesboro Police Department Captain Kelly Walker has confirmed that they have received reports of this happening, and that they appear to be valid. The flyers were posted with his approval.

This flyer was on Maple Avenue, near Fishburne Military School and the Catholic Church, and this picture was submitted by Sarah Dawn Norris.

Our world grows stranger and stranger, with each passing day.