CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -  A little rain couldn't stop a crowd of hundreds from filling the IX Art Park in Charlottesville to send a message to Washington, D.C., about the importance of supporting science.

“I mean any kind of weather is appropriate, right? Weather is nature in action,” an organizer said.

People brought the national "March for Science" movement to Charlottesville Saturday afternoon. Many of those demonstrators feel President Trump's administration threatens scientific progress.

"This is a satellite march for a national march in D.C.," Irene Cheng said.

The march is the first of its kind.

"So right now it feels like science is not being respected quite at the level that it should be. A lot of people are building off of emotions as opposed to facts and facts are science,” Cheng said.

Science supporters say major research cannot be ignored.

"There are a lot of people that have to wake up in this country and realize that science has a lot to tell us about the state of the Earth," 57th District Del. David Toscano (D) said.

Many feel threatened by the policies of Trump and his administration.

“Every time we have a march people come together and say we are together on this. Other people ought to know about it," Toscano said.

"Science effects literally everyone so I think people should just become more aware of what's happening in the scientific community, how it's affecting them and become more educate," attendee Courtney Stubbs said.

Marchers want to remind people that science surrounds each of us in our everyday lives, like “light bulbs, computers, about everything.”

They say it's time for politicians to stand up for the scientific community.

"This makes a difference so everyone can be heard and everybody can get a say on what's getting done here,” attendee Zachary Gran said.

Organizers say they plan to host another science rally in Charlottesville next Saturday.