CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville City Council is proceeding with the removal of the controversial Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park, the question is how. Monday the city manager is bringing the legal and logistically possible options to council.

Under Virginia law, council could auction it off but it would not be able to say how it is to be used. The second option, a request for proposal, gives a little more control.

"To say specific things that we'd like it to be used for, so whether we wanted it to be used by a museum or some sort of historical society or some sort of educational forum,” said Kristin Szakos, a Charlottesville city councilor.

Donation is another option but Szakos says it would cost the city money. “For us to donate it to a historical place or a museum, that would cost us the money of moving it."

Szakos says she is leaning toward the request for proposal option.

Council will hear the report Monday night at 7:00 in Charlottesville City Hall.