NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - People in Nelson County are getting to see firsthand how Dominion's proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline would affect their community.

A “No Pipeline Road Rally” guided people on tours across the county along Route 29 to see the homes and natural areas the pipeline could impact. Participants say the community does not need a pipeline.

Organizers set up a table on the side of the highway to give people directions around Nelson County. The rally included multiple stops following the proposed route of the natural gas pipeline.

Nelson County's representative for the Blue Ridge Area Defense League, Sharon Ponton, says her biggest concern is building the pipeline up the steep slopes of mountains, including Robert's Mountain.

"What does it do to our slopes that are landslide-prone already … and they're going to come through and do all of these clear cuts and lower our mountain tops and go through our streams, it just needs to stop. This is not the place to build a pipeline,” Ponton said.

"To put something, this monstrosity through here, is just really can’t think of anything more egregious,” Janice Jackson, who live in view of the proposed pipeline, said.

Jackson and Chapin Wilson have lived in their Nelson County home almost 20 years.

"You're going to be destroying people's homes and it's just not going to be the same place,” Jackson said.

Their biggest concern is what the pipeline could do to the environment and the water supply.

"This makes no empirical sense, except to dominion and perhaps its shareholders, absolutely the wrong way to go,” Wilson said.

Wilson believes the solution is to stop using fossil fuels and to look instead at resources in renewable energy.

"My biggest fear is that the environment will be poisoned, at a much faster rate that we are currently poisoning it and it isn't but so much we can do,” Wilson said.

The event was hosted by the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and the group, Protect Our Water.

NBC29 reached out to Dominion for comment. In a statement, it said it has taken, 

Tremendous care to meet the highest standards for protection of the environment.