CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Charlottesville’s Main Street Arena is now under new ownership.

A press release from Payne, Ross & Associates announced Thursday, March 2, that the arena had been purchased by Taliaferro Junction, LLC, and Jaffray Woodriff.

According to the release, 230 West Main Street went for $5.7 million. Previous owner Mark Brown announced back in September that he was selling the arena for $6.5 million.

The new owners have selected local architecture firm Wolf Ackerman and New Orleans-based Eskew, Dumez & Rippleere.

Construction is expected to get underway in the spring of 2018. Taliaferro Junction, LLC has previously expressed interest in creating a "21st century office building."

Ice skating programs will continue until the end of the spring 2017 skating season, and are likely to return in the fall for one final season.

According to the release, the new owners plan to donate materials and equipment to a business venture seeking to get a new ice skating park up and running in a new location.

Taliaferro Junction, LLC. also has the land and building currently being used by Escafe, located at 215 W. Water Street, under contract.

Jeyon Falsini, the owner of the Ante Room, says he doesn't know when he'll have to leave the property. The venue is part of the Main Street Arena property.

“Not to get sentimental, but you know, take your photos now. Enjoy the live music that we have, and the dance parties that we offer, and remember this space. You know I'm hoping that this isn't a real quick goodbye. It could be a long, drawn out one,” he said.

Falsini says the terms of his lease give him four months to vacate the property once he's been notified. He says the new landlords haven't told him yet when that might be, though.

The Ante Room does have events scheduled through May.

While the owner doesn't want to move locations, he's hopeful that the Ante Room won't completely close.

“There's been more than a few music venues and event spaces in town that have come and gone, and I'm certainly cognizant of the fond place it holds in people's hearts. So, maybe this place will be one of those. Maybe we'll move to another spot and this'll be just a hiccup in like a long line of shows and events,” said Falsini.

Release from Payne, Ross & Associates:

Thursday, March 2, 2017 – Charlottesville, VA. Taliaferro Junction, LLC, and Jaffray Woodriff, announce the purchase of Main Street Arena, comprising the land and building at 230 West Main Street on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall.

The purchase price was $5.7 million and includes an agreement for the seller to continue to operate all ice skating programs undisturbed until the end of the Spring 2017 skating season. All skating programs will close for the summer with the anticipation that the Ice Park will reopen in the fall of 2017 for a final season.

The local architecture firm, Wolf Ackerman, along with New Orleans firm Eskew, Dumez & Ripple, were selected following a Request for Proposals process which included interviews of 4 finalists, all of whom were local firms. Wolf Ackerman has built a strong reputation for creativity and design excellence, for their sensitivity in response to the site and for their respect of sustainable design and construction considerations.

The new building will be architecturally iconic, linking West Main Street to the Downtown Mall. The building will be designed both to attract innovative companies to Charlottesville and to retain established local ventures that might otherwise leave the area.

Construction on the minimum 100,000SF structure is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2018. A general contractor has not been hired.

The new owners of the property plan to donate the ice park materials and equipment to a business venture seeking to get a new ice skating park up and running in a new location.