A Dominion spokesperson tells NBC29 the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will not reach commissioners for approval until the summer. Dominion says that should give President Donald Trump plenty of time to fill vacancies.

Associated Press

Major natural gas pipeline projects along the East Coast and Midwest face months of uncertainty as the federal agency that oversees the work loses a commissioner and will be unable to decide on projects in the Trump administration.

Democrat Norman Bay is stepping down Friday from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, leaving the five-member panel with just two commissioners, one short of a quorum.

Bay's departure leaves the commission unable to approve or reject natural gas pipelines or settle proposed mergers, including a $12 billion plan to unite Great Plains and Westar energy companies in the Midwest.

At least a half-dozen major pipeline projects totaling more than $10 billion hang in the balance as FERC seeks a third commissioner to allow the commission to resume normal operations.

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