CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - In a press conference on Thursday, Councilor Bob Fenwick said he plans on voting to move the Robert E. Lee statue. It's a change of heart that could help break a stalemate in Charlottesville City Council. Fenwick made the announcement Thursday at CitySpace.

The future of the statue was left hanging after City Council couldn't reach a decision on moving it last week. The stalemate came after recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials, and Public Spaces, which spent months weighing options. 

Fenwick cast an abstention vote when the motion to move the statue of Robert E. Lee came up, but now, he says he's supporting the move. He says he couldn't support paying to move the statue until he felt more confident about the city's budget. He says he feels better about the budget after a work session earlier this week.

"I couldn't vote to keep the monument in place, but i was concerned that a vote to remove the monument would make it very difficult to successfully press for a turn of the city budget toward a people's budget and the protection of neighborhoods," Fenwick stated. "The community should know how I feel so this particular part of the issue can be put behind us and the community can come together and move forward."

Fenwick also wants to direct the state attorney general's office to let council know of any legal difficulties they may run into with this.

Fenwick did not speak to council members before calling the press conference Thursday morning. Council member Wes Bellamy did attend, but did not speak to the press.