CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A popular Charlottesville restaurant chain claims its employees have become the targets of prejudice-related harassment following Tuesday's election.

Bodo's Bagels is taking to social media to tell people who promote hate to stay away from its shops.

Scott Smith wants Bodo's to be an inclusive place

"The business is conceived as being inclusive really from the ground up both on the customer and employee side," Smith said.

Smith was shocked to hear claims from employees that discriminatory incidents had occurred in his restaurant following Tuesday's election.

"A gentleman who simply declined to go to a register that was being handled by a black cashier, while he was waiting for his food he said, ‘Oh who's making my sandwich? I don't want them making my sandwich,’" Smith said.

So, Smith and his co-owner generated a Facebook post to remind Charlottesville they do not tolerate any form of hate in their restaurant.

“The best thing about the post has been the reaction which has been incredible. It speaks to a concern people have," Smith said.

Customers at Bodo's are coming forward in agreement.

"We're so happy that they took a stand against any negativity towards any racial groups or genders,” Rebecca Deaton said.

They say it was alarming to learn what had happened.

"We were surprised to hear that and it was a little unsettling. It's not the only incident we've heard about unfortunately. So anything we can support is what we wanted to do," Deaton said.

"This is like a restaurant you want to hang out with your friends and everything, not something where you hear nasty comments," Will Deaton said.

Smith wants Bodo's to remain a safe environment to the people of Charlottesville.

"We are not alone in this country in experiencing this kind of thing this week. We have to protect the place as being inclusive," Smith said.

Statement from Bodo's Facebook page:

EDIT, 5:20pm: We are blown away by the amount of support and goodwill reflected in the responses, and are beside ourselves with gratitude to be a part of such a generous and responsive community. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond, share or simply read. <3

(This is long -- and, we think, worth your time. Bear with us.)

“The fact that so many different types of people come to Bodo’s is actually by design.” (from

Yes. It really is. From the ground up. On purpose!

People, lots of ‘em, from all walks of life. Working, waiting, ordering, talking. Coming and going. Spending a few minutes of their lives before moving on to whatever it is that is next. Wide-open kitchens where you can see all of us – and we can see you. There is something for everyone, and everyone is welcome.

We’ve always made a point to actively welcome everyone in our stores. Come in, maybe stand in line for a few minutes with students, tourists and maybe some friends, and hopefully get a few smiles while you place your order. Regardless of where you come from, how big your bank account might be, or what lever you pulled on Tuesday.

Friendly vibes and a sincere thank-you for everyone.

Come again! Hope you have a great day!

No need to pick a side. We’re all afflicted with the same human condition. Let’s make the most of it.

By intentionally and actively welcoming everyone (and not just those whom we agree substantially with), we endeavor to foster an environment where everyone can feel good about being part of a community. True. Let’s put our differences aside for a few minutes, and then we’ll really have something.


In the past few days we have had the misfortune of witnessing several incidents of harassment. Against our employees. In our stores. Incidents where our own people, part of our extended family, were harassed. Because of their physical attributes.


To our dear employees, beloved families and friends, and good people of our community: in the interests of human decency and standing up for what is right, this behavior won’t be tolerated in our stores. Never has been.

If you can’t accept our invitation to come into our store and take your place alongside your brothers and sisters without belittling some of them, then your invitation will be withheld. The other 99.995% of us who see this crap for what it is aren’t going to put up with your behavior.

Not in our house.

Hope to see you soon.

With love, appreciation, and optimism,

Bodo's Bagels