CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Monday, Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson stopped by Charlottesville to meet and speak with Virginia voters.

Over 120 people turned out to see Johnson at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia Monday afternoon.

Johnson said he was thankful for the opportunity to visit, and explain what he calls a "fiscally conservative but socially inclusive platform".

Supporters were out in full force, both community members from the Jefferson Area Libertarians and students from UVA's College Libertarians, all excited to meet their presidential candidate.

At a taping of the public access TV show “American Forum,” Johnson explained what a Libertarian believes, and says he thinks the platform will appeal to Virginia voters.

“I think that students have been sold a bill of goods, I think guaranteed government student loans are the number one reason why the cost of college tuition is so high,” Johnson said.

“His foreign policy appeals a lot to Virginia voters because we have such a high population of military in the state, particularly where Gary Johnson is very opposed to intervening in foreign countries where we don't have any business being in,” Cameron Springer of UVA College Libertarians said.

Johnson's supporters acknowledge that he’s fighting an uphill battle in the general election, but hope to gain more supporters who are disillusioned with the two main candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.