CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Albemarle Housing Improvement Project is asking Charlottesville City Council for nearly $1 million to help keep people in their homes.

AHIP is asking for a little more than $850,000 to fund home repairs for struggling families. They'll combine that with donations in a public-private partnership.

While AHIP serves the greater Albemarle-Charlottesville area, this money would only support homes within the city. It will enable AHIP to make emergency and rehab repairs on about 65 houses.

Executive Director Jennifer Jacobs says the request fits with Charlottesville's goal to provide more affordable housing.

“I think it comes out of their comprehensive commitment to affordable housing, which I think is a really healthy approach to this, so I'm really hopeful that they will continue this investment and continue to invest in safe homes and healthy neighborhoods,” Jacobs said.

There is already a waiting list of 300 families in the city of Charlottesville.

Jacobs says she's hopeful that City Council will vote to approve the request at its meeting Monday night.

This money would come out of the Charlottesville affordable housing fund, not the city's general fund. That means the money has already been designated to be spent on affordable housing projects in the city.

Also at its meeting Monday night, City Council is expected to approve more than $90,000 to improve Social Services.

The department has identified areas that could use the additional funding.

“There are a few things some of the Social Services workers travel a fair bit within the city, and they're going to be sure they all have cell phones so they can communicate and look things up while they're out and, we are also going to be moving a benefits worker from 20 hours a week to 40 hours so we can have a little more capacity,” Councilor Kristen Szakos said.

All of that additional money will come from the state.