RICHMOND, Va. (WVIR) - About two dozen Virginia Catholics held a peaceful demonstration against Tim Kaine outside the Richmond Diocese Center Tuesday afternoon.

The group is calling on Bishop Francis DiLorenzo to impose a Catholic Church rule that would deny Kaine communion. They say the vice presidential candidate is not in good standing with the church unless he repents by going to confession and publicly changes many of his political stances.

The group argues Kaine is in sin with his support of abortion access, gay marriage and adoption, along with transgender bathroom issues.

"We are here humbly and respectfully. He is our bishop, he's one of our shepherds and we're asking him to do what is his rightful authority to do," said Frances Bouton, a demonstrator.

The demonstrators met some resistance though the afternoon. They were asked to leave the diocese property and unable to drop off formal petitions. A representative of the diocese says its standard procedure for such packages to be accepted by mail, and demonstrations can only take place off the private property.

Bouton says they were disappointed to be denied access to the grounds and parking lot. Police also escorted the demonstrators off site. The event consisted of speeches, prayers and singing. Bouton adds she and fellow Catholics across the country will continue praying for the bishop.