CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Islamic Society of Central Virginia is extending a hand of friendship.

The group held an open house at their Charlottesville mosque Saturday, September 24.

“We are doing this open house tour really because we want the Charlottesville community to come out and get to know everyone here at the mosque. We feel that it’s important that having this one on one interaction will help build bridges, show everyone that we're here in the community and we want to be a part of the community,” said volunteer Saad Hussain.

Tours started at noon and ran every half hour until 5 p.m. Visitors got to see the three levels of the mosque and learn about Islam.

Volunteers from the mosque say that the day was about bringing people together.

“It’s something that should be going on at all times, but it’s especially important nowadays,” Hussain said.

The mosque plans to hold more community events in the near future.