CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Protestors gathered in Charlottesville Thursday, September 22, to voice their anger over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and they directed it at Governor Terry McAuliffe when he stopped on the Downtown Mall.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline project is a 550 mile natural gas pipeline that could potentially run through Virginia.

Protesters gathered outside York Place Thursday afternoon to speak to McAuliffe before his Democratic campaign stop. They say they want to see McAuliffe retract his backing of the ACP.

When McAuliffe was approached by protesters, he said the controversy was a federal issue, not state related.

With the ACP moving forward on a construction contract deal and the Supreme Court saying it will take up a property owner's survey appeal, protestors say the governor is not doing enough.

“We’re here just to remind him that we voted for him. He needs to represent us and he needs to take back his support for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline,” said Jennifer Lewis of Friends of Augusta.

McAuliffe has said the pipeline will be good for Virginia’s economy.

Protesters against the pipeline say they plan to keep the pressure on the governor until they feel they're no longer ignored.

In addition to heat on McAuliffe, Friends of Nelson and Friends of Augusta are calling for a congressional review of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. That’s the group tasked with reviewing and deciding whether or not the pipeline can be built.

They believe FERC has abused its power.