CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Blue Ribbon Commission has been working diligently on their charge to give Charlottesville City Council a solution to the controversy over historical landmarks in the city.

On Monday night they will be one step closer.

During the city council meeting the commission will provide an update to city council on their findings so far. Many councilors have been following the progress closely. 

“I've gone to every meeting they've had so far and it's a remarkable sight to watch 9 different people how they have to come together . there are obviously strong opinions, i have not seen any angry opinions but there have been strong opinions on both sides I've seen the sentiment ebb and flow depending on how their deliberations are going and who is talking to them,” said Bob Fenwick of Charlottesville City Council.  

Thursday evening, the commission will hold a meeting with the public at Buford Middle School starting at 6 p.m.