CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A group of Virginia teachers became students Wednesday in Charlottesville. They were learning how to grow a garden.

Forty educators from across the state toured the garden at Buford Middle School taking part in the Allegheny Mountain Institute's Virginia School Garden Workshop.

It teaches them everything from bringing farmed goods into cafeterias, to starting gardens at their schools.

"Giving students, teaching them how to grow their own food, is one of the most valuable skills we can give them. And that's really just the beginning. So you can teach any subject that you can teach in the classroom, you can teach it out in the school garden," said Trevor Piersol, a project manager with the Allegheny Mountain Institute. .

The Buford Garden is the flagship of the City Schoolyard Garden Program. Since the workshop started three years ago, more gardens like it have popped up all over the state.