CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Charlottesville Parking Center (CPC) is responding to City Hall's rejection of a settlement over the Water Street Parking Garage debate.

The city informed the CPC last week that it would not accept its offer, which would have also put an end to pending court issues.

CPC President Mark Brown had filed a lawsuit against Charlottesville over parking rates at the Water Street garage, which the city responded to by filing a countersuit.

The city said it would like to buy the parking center's spots in the garage for $2.8 million, which is based on a nearly $3 million appraisal by the CPC.

An attorney for Brown sent a letter to Charlottesville Attorney Tom Wolf on Monday, July 11, saying the minimum offer for CPC's parking spots should be $8.9 million. However, that also includes office space as well.

"I have no idea what the city's doing. I don't know why they would make an offer that violated Virginia law. I don't know why they'd make that offer twice. I really, other than a concerted effort to smear me on the part of City Hall, I have no idea what they're doing," said Brown.

The CPC says state law requires the offer be either the appraised value or the tax assessment on the property, whichever is greater. The letter from Brown's attorney states that the city’s tax assessment on CPC’s parking spaces is $7,146,100, and $1,849,400 for its office spaces.

Charlottesville has begun the process of using eminent domain.