CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - In the wake of recent headlines about gun violence, a Charlottesville store owner is catching some criticism for what he sells.

Tobey's Pawn on West Main Street sells a variety of goods, including firearms.

Some people have taken an anonymous stand against those gun sales by posting fliers around the shop's location.

Text on the fliers:

WARNING TO PARENTS and Concerned Citizens

This neighborhood home to a firearms dealer, Tobey’s Pawn

Located on West Main Street, this shop offers a large collection of weapons, including high capacity magazines, battle axes, and AR-15 assault style rifles.

If it concerns you to have this kind of business in close proximity to our churches, playgrounds, restaurants, and nightclubs, please let your City Council members and the Mayor know how you feel.

The fliers call attention to the variety of weapons at Tobey's Pawn, including the AR-15 model of semi-automatic rifles. The flier is also drawing attention to an upcoming raffle at the store for two guns.

Shop owner Tobey Bouch says these complaints often come from a lack of understanding.

"I would say before people spout opinions, get facts. And that's where I would encourage people to come in and talk to us," said the owner.

Bouch adds that he would rather people voice their concerns in person than protest him anonymously.

"I understand that people have their opinions, and that they want to express. So we're glad to talk it through. We never yell, we talk it through with people here in the shop," he said.

Tobey's Pawn does conduct background checks before every firearm sale, including for the gun raffles.

Bouch says all business is done in accordance with the law.