CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The legal battle over the Water Street Parking Garage in Charlottesville is taking another turn.

Tuesday, the Charlottesville Parking Center (CPC) asked a judge to appoint a third party to control operations while it and the city work their way through legal issues.

If that is granted, an attorney would have control over rates, hours and everything in the garage.

CPC Owner Mark Brown has filed a lawsuit against Charlottesville over the pricing of hourly and monthly rates for “pooled parking units” (unreserved parking spots).

A total of 973 spots in the Water Street Parking Garage are pooled parking units. Charlottesville controls 629 units, while CPC has 344.

The city has responded by filing a countersuit, seeking a trial by jury. Both suits are pending.

Members of the parking garage's management board – which is equally made up of CPC and city staff – are at odds over whether to raise the monthly rate from $120 to possibly $145.

CPC President Mark Brown is also attempting to get Charlottesville to sell off all of its spots. Councilors recently said they would not sell the city’s stake in the parking garage, and are now looking into buying spaces from CPC.

The current contract with CPC as manager of the Water Street Parking Garage is currently set to end on June 30.

Negotiations between the center and the city are at a deadlock right now, which is preventing any ability for new management to be hired.