NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) -  A Nelson County rescue organization caring for horses seized from Peaceable Farm is in need of donations. This will support a new property for the horses.

Dozens of horses were rescued during a raid in October 2015 in Orange County. Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue opened its doors to care for some of those animals, and now the organizers say they're in need of some major cash for a new property.

The nonprofit recently lost its lease on a property in Afton. Its horses now live on different farms in Albemarle County and Nelson County.

"Which is a large part of the reason why we kicked off this capital campaign," Maya Proulx, executive director of Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue, said.

The $1 million campaign will go toward a new farm, fencing, and a barn. The organization already knows which property it wants to buy in the Afton area, it's just a matter now of raising the money to do so.

"It's gonna be really exciting ‘cause we'll be able to have all the horses in one location which will make life easier for everyone," Proulx said.

Many of the horses cared for are victims of animal cruelty cases in Virginia. Proulx says the new 180 acres of farm land will provide sufficient space.

"It'll be a large enough piece of property where we can handle big cases like the Orange County case and the Nottaway County case a lot easier. We won't have to scramble looking for places for these horses to go," Proulx said.

The nonprofit says the animals come in faster than they go out. Workers took in 29 horses from Peaceable Farm during the animal cruelty investigation raid last year.

Nursing them back to health has been a slow and steady process. While Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue says its goal to raise $1 million will be a challenge, it is doable.

"People really, really wanna see a great home for these horses," Proulx said.

Proulx says they expect to move to their new location in 18 months to two years from now.