AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Augusta County supervisors are the latest group rallying against Dominion.

This new twist is part of the fight against the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Supervisors say they're working on a letter outlining some concerns about a proposed new route. They first say Dominion hasn't fulfilled its legal obligations to begin surveying.

Augusta County leaders are also worried about some changes to the proposed pipeline's route.

Dominion made those changes after the feds demanded it avoid parts of the George Washington National Forest.

Augusta County Supervisor Tracey Pyles thinks it doesn't make sense for the pipeline to touch Augusta County at all.

"This was a crazy route, if you will, to come up through Augusta County with it's 120,000 people with a county and two cities, instead of continuing along Bath into Rockbridge and Nelson County where it's mostly open space." said Pyles.

Supervisors say Dominion should instead consider the southern route which would send the pipeline through parts of Bath, Rockbridge and Nelson County, and avoid Augusta County altogether.

This letter they're working on is not out yet but they say we should expect to see it sometime this week.