CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Water Street Parking Garage will not close Friday, despite ongoing negotiations between those who control it.

The city and Charlottesville Parking Center (CPC) President Mark Brown are working toward a resolution regarding control of numerous parking spaces inside the Water Street garage.

Brown has filed a lawsuit against Charlottesville over the pricing of hourly and monthly rates for “pooled parking units” (unreserved parking spots), and had threatened to close the garage to everyone if the two sides didn't come to an agreement.

The CPC president told NBC29 on Thursday that he was just hours away from pulling all of his employees from working in the garage Friday. However, he and Charlottesville officials have reached a resolution that will allow drivers to use the garage for the time being.

"People should park at the garage tomorrow. Normal operations, everything should be the same way that they've experienced in the past," Brown said.

Neither he nor the city would elaborate on what a potential resolution entails.

Brown's lawsuit, as well as Charlottesville's countersuit, is still pending.

In its statement, the city said it will not be making any further comments on the issue but is happy the garage is staying open for customers.