CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Week, students at the University of Virginia are getting some insight on how to sustain the legacy of those that survived the tragedy.

UVA’s Brody Jewish Center invited Dr. Waitman Beorn to give a talk on Wednesday called “In a World Without Witnesses.” Beorn is a consultant from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

They discussed making sense of the Holocaust without living witnesses and also how to prepare for a world without survivors.

Some students at the event say they feel that being able to talk with survivors and hear their stories is invaluable.

Waitman says not having these stories told by people that lived the experience creates a challenge.

"The survivors, many of them, most of them who are still alive, were young children at the time and they viewed the world at the time through a child's eyes, and they remember in the same way which means that many of the questions that we might want to ask, they're simply unable to answer,” he said.

Waitman says what must be done now is to use forms of media and technology to better understand the Holocaust and the stories behind it.

Wednesday’s talk was the last in a series of Holocaust remembrance events at UVA.

Earlier in the week, students held a vigil and handed out flyers and biographies on those that survived the genocide.