Dominion Energy News Release:

In a filing submitted today to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC (Atlantic) completed its responses to all of FERC’s environmental information requests from December 2015 and January 2016.
Completing our responses to FERC’s information request is an important milestone for the project and provides FERC with the information it needs for the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  

The next step is for FERC to issue its Notice of Schedule, which will set the timeline for the remainder of the environmental review process.
In addition to completed responses to FERC’s information request, the 7,000+ page filing also includes updated alignment sheets, tables and resource information related to the alternative routes we have adopted since submitting our certificate application in September 2015.
The filing is now available on the FERC website:  
The FERC process has been extraordinarily thorough and comprehensive, and it has allowed us to work closely with agencies and the public to resolve the important environmental issues that have been raised. These are important issues, and we’ve devoted a significant amount of time and resources to ensure they are fully addressed.

Working through these issues has taken additional time, and we’ve adjusted our plans accordingly to expect a certificate in early 2017. Based on this timeframe, we remain confident that we are on track to reach our targeted in-service date in late 2018.
Aaron Ruby
Media Relations Manager
Dominion Energy