ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The Orange County woman at the center of an animal cruelty investigation will be staying in jail for now. Anne Goland (aka Anne Shumate Williams) appeared in Orange Circuit Court for a bond hearing Friday.

She is currently being held at Central Virginia Regional Jail on 13 felony charges of embezzlement.

Prosecutors believe Goland embezzled funds from the Peaceable Farm nonprofit, the same farm where authorities seized dozens of neglected animals last fall.

Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Office led a raid at Peaceable Farm on October 19, 2015. Over a hundred horses and many cats and dogs were discovered on the Somerset property. Goland surrendered over 80 horses, 28 cats, and 7 dogs over the course of a few days. More cats were later found inside a neglected house on the farm’s property.

Goland is facing 27 charges of animal cruelty. A judge granted her a $75,000 bond back in November 2015, but also barred her from visiting Peaceable Farm without supervision from sheriff’s deputies. She is also not allowed to own any animals.

Goland was arrested in Culpeper County on March 30 after a grand jury indicted her on those embezzlement charges on March 28.

The defendant’s sister was to testify during Friday’s hearing as a witness for the prosecution, but never went into the courthouse. She was seen in the court's parking lot, but drove away instead. Goland's attorney says the sister left because she didn't want to testify without her own lawyer present.

Prosecutors say the sister was to tell the court that Goland has been spending in excess of $25,000 a month since her conditional release in November.

The judge said he couldn't make a decision on whether to grant Goland bond without the sister’s testimony. As a result, the court issued a subpoena for the sister, and scheduled the next hearing to take place on April 21.