ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Central Virginia orchards are preparing for the threat of a spring freeze several nights this week.

The thermometer at Chiles Peach Orchard in western Albemarle County got up to 81 degrees Monday afternoon.

The peach trees are finishing their bloom about three weeks earlier than last growing season thanks to the recent warmer weather.

As temperatures drop overnight, Chiles plans to turn on its wind machines to circulate air through the orchard and prevent frost from settling on the fruit.

“The bloom is just about done and it leaves the little fruit exposed, and so they're very vulnerable now to a frosty night actually killing the little peach,” said owner Cynthia Chiles.

Crews at the orchard will also pull canvas covers over the strawberry patch to protect them from frost.

Chiles Peach Orchard's owner says they closely monitor the forecast for the potential of frost or freeze until about May 10.