ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - An Orange County woman charged in an animal cruelty case wants out of jail.

Thursday, Anne Goland (AKA Anne Shumate Williams) was back in court for the first time on a whole new set of charges.

Goland spent the last few months free on bond, but went back to jail Wednesday after the Orange County Sheriff's Office charged her with 13 counts of embezzlement.

NBC29 has learned those charges are directly connected to Goland’s Somerset farm where investigators found dozens of neglected animals.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office led the raid at Peaceable Farm on October 19, 2015, finding over a hundred horses and many cats and dogs on the property. Goland surrendered over 80 horses, 28 cats and 7 dogs over the course of a few days. More cats were later found inside a neglected house on the farm’s property.

Goland is facing 27 charges of animal cruelty.

Goland's attorney filed a motion before Thursday's court appearance requesting a hearing for bond. He says under state law, there's no reason why Goland should be held, arguing that she's complied with all of the conditions of her previous bond agreement.

Prosecutors are against Goland being granted bond.

Goland is currently being held at Central Virginia Regional Jail. She appeared in court Thursday to be officially informed of these new embezzlement charges. A bond hearing will likely be heard next week.