NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Several horses removed from an Orange County farm during an animal cruelty investigation raid are now ready to move to their new homes. The nonprofit Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue in Nelson County nursed the horses back to health over the past five months.

Hope's Legacy, an equine rescue organization, took in 29 of those abused and neglected horses. Ten of the survivors are now ready for adoption. 

Maya Proulx is the executive director of Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue, a nonprofit that takes in abused or neglected horses and nurses them back to health.

Back in October, Hope's Legacy rescued 29 horses from a massive animal cruelty investigation at Peaceable Farm in Orange County. Several were too far gone and died.

The survivors are recovering, some at the nonprofit's stables in Nelson County.

"Not all of them are on this particular farm. We've got six of them out with trainers currently who are working on figuring out a little bit more what their riding level is and things like that,” said Proulx. 

Proulx says they had never taken in so many horses with such severe ailments.

Gentleman was severely malnourished and came with a fungal infection on the bottom of his feet. Ladybug didn't have very many health issues but Proulx says she's still afraid of people.

"She’ll take a treat out of my hand, but I can't touch her neck or anything like that,” Proulx stated.

Right now, ten of the horses from Peaceable Farm are ready for adoption. Proulx says she and her team of volunteers are proud of the work they've done.

Hope’s Legacy is seeking more donations as well as volunteers. The nonprofit says it is really amazing what a group of people can do together when they care.