A handful of Albemarle County teachers are unplugging from classroom technology and giving their students a yoga break.

They're the first to practice Yoga as part of a new nonprofit called Yoga4School.

The nonprofit's founder, Kristin Schutz, started using yoga as a study break while she was working toward her masters at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. Now she's sharing yoga's calming powers with teachers to take back to their classrooms.

All those sounds you hear at the seashore with the waves crashing on the sand. Inhaling and exhaling. The sessions don't look like a typical lesson in natural resources.

Ariel Cornett's 3rd-grade students took a break from the books on Wednesday.

“Raise those arms up toward the ceiling and bring your gaze there as well, looking up toward the sky, having those leaves on the branches tickle the clouds,” said Cornett.  

Cornett is beginning to blend yoga breaks into her classroom activities at Cale Elementary School.

“This gives them a moment to just stop, come into the present and into the now, and just focus on themselves,” Cornett said.

It’s a practice she studies with other teachers from Albemarle County schools.

“They're learning the different postures. How to physically do the postures, how to string the postures together, which breaths would be most comfortable for them,” said Schutz.

She put together a manual and research on yoga's powers to teach teachers how to use yoga in their classrooms.

“It gives you that moment every day to settle and center yourself and take a few deep breaths. And that changes everything,” said Ellen Luksch, a Community Public Charter School Teacher.

Cornett encourages her fellow educators to add a little namaste into the school day for themselves and their students.

“Just take a little yoga break for a moment and chill,” said Cornett.

Five Albemarle County teachers will earn their certification as a Yoga4School instructor.

The nonprofit will also host workshops to train teachers in yoga. The first of those are in April, for more information please click here