ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A central Virginia nonprofit that helps homeowners afford repairs is asking for people to step up and support their neighbors.

The Albemarle Housing Improvement Program, or AHIP, is collecting donations to help with emergency home repairs. The fundraising campaign is for the month of March, will help homeowners with urgent projects that could affect their health and well-being.

Currently 233 families are on AHIP’s waitlist for the emergency repairs program.

“The program is really there to help families that call us that have urgent critical needs. Like their well just broke and they have no water in their home or they have no heat in their home. Things that are very critical in nature,” said Ravi Respeto of AHIP.

The organization has a goal to raise $25,000 this month. They say that is enough to help ten families.

For more information about the emergency repairs program, please click here