CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - For the first time in Charlottesville, a Boy Scouts of America troop is meeting in a Muslim house of worship.

The new troop, which was started a few weeks ago, regularly meets at the mosque.

Saturday night's meeting began with prayers and the U.S. pledge of allegiance.

Troop members then recited the Boy Scout law and oath, pledging to help others at all times and to be brave, trustworthy, loyal and kind.

The Boy Scouts say the values of scouting align well with those of Islam.

“In our religion we learn we're all equal, and we all have to think of us like one big family. And here in the Boy Scouts we're working on working together, and being connected to one another,” said Omar Wade.

The scouts also took time to plan a bake sale to raise money for the troop. Next week, they will go on a camping trip, and later this month, attend an astronomy class at the University of Virginia observatory.