ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - An Albemarle County farm is looking for volunteers to snuggle their baby goats.

Caromont Farm expects around 90 baby goats, or kids, will be born by mid-February.

The farmers make goat cheeses, so 24-hours after the kids are born they start bottle-feeding the babies and milking the mothers. The kids have to be bottle-fed four times per day.

They are separated by size and kept in pens with heaters and hay to keep them warm. They even get small sweaters to wear. 

"We love to have people come and see that whole process - see where their food comes from," said Isabella Zechini.

Anyone can volunteer. You don't need any kind of prior experience, just a willingness to snuggle and feed the babies. 

Caromont Farm is taking volunteers in four hour shifts, starting February 7 and going through at least March.