NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Some people who live in the path of Dominion's proposed natural gas pipeline through Augusta and Nelson Counties claim the company is misleading landowners in a new phone call.

The call came from a contractor working on land surveys for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Dominion wants to clear up confusion about the call that pipeline opponents believe is a ploy.

A Nelson County resident recorded the call from Dominion's surveying contractor. The call, in part, stated, “The Federal Regulatory Commission requires that we contact all landowners to identify and locate all water wells, springs, and structures within 500 foot of the pipeline corridor."

That landowner says Dominion was denied access to their property.

Nancy Sorrells with the All Pain No Gain anti-pipeline campaign believes the calls are deceptive.

“There doesn't seem to be, at this point, any kind of mandate from FERC or from the courts that are saying you have to let these people come in and test your water. Seems to be a ploy to get access to people's property who, in many cases, have denied access,” Sorrells said.

Dominion says only property owners who have granted permission for surveying should receive the calls.

We're doing the testing and the documenting on an entirely voluntary basis. We are simply asking for landowner’s permission to let us document the presence of those resources,” said Aaron Ruby, Dominion Energy Media Relations Manager.

The energy company says these surveys are critical for the pipeline route to avoid natural resources and to track damage done during construction.

“In the best interests of the landowners and the protection of their water, we're going above and beyond what's required by offering to test their water,” Ruby stated.

Sorrells worries the calls play on people's confusion about the pipeline.

“Bottom line is the most important thing are the people that are being affected by this, the individuals and the communities that are going to be affected, and they're not understanding what's gone on,” Sorrells said.

Dominion says it has followed up with the contractor to make sure those calls only go to people who are allowing access for surveys. They encourage landowners with questions to contact their land agent.