An animal rescue in Orange County is hoping for some extra support during the holiday season. Rikki's Refuge Animal Sanctuary is one of the many operations that took in some of the dozens of animals found in horrible conditions during a massive raid at a Somerset area farm in October.

The raid ended with more than two dozens animal cruelty charges for Anne Goland, the owner of Peaceable Farm. Among the animals seized were about two dozen feral cats that are now in the hands of caring volunteers at Rikki's Refuge.

Rikki's Refuge is home to 1,300 creatures of 22 different species. The shelter always stays busy but lately, things have been a little more hectic.

Between four recent hoarding cases, volunteers have started caring for 70 wild cats. Dozens of them came from Peaceable Farm where sheriff's deputies also found horses and other animals living in terrible conditions.

The cats removed from those situations will likely spend the rest of their days at Rikki's Refuge. Ongoing care will require thousands of dollars in funding that volunteers say is just not there.

“Every cat that comes in here has to be quarantined, shots, blood tested, eventually, once they're healthy enough, they'll be spayed and neutered," said Lolly Busey, a volunteer.     

The shelter gets by on donations only. Between feeding, medical care, and cleaning, volunteers say there's a lot of time and money still needed to continue the care for those animals.

Rikki's Refuge is hoping to raise about $7,500 to fund the care of these dozens of feral cats.

If you're interested in making a donation, you can do so by visiting the Rikki’s Refuge website.