A month after Orange County investigators raided a farm suspected of animal cruelty, rescue organizations say they're doing their best to save the horses.

Unfortunately the reality is, some of the horses were beyond saving. Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue in Afton, VA took in 29 horses from Peaceable Farm, and as of Tuesday night only 24 of those horses are survivors.

The nonprofit's founder says those horses are doing very well with their recovery. They’re beginning to eat like normal. The horses are also finally enjoying time outside galloping around, and gaining strength. Most were so weak when they arrived a month ago that they had to be kept in stable stalls under constant care.

Five of the horses surrendered to Hope's Legacy by Peaceable Farm owner Anne Goland weren't so lucky. The most recent horse, Rum Raisin, died Friday of Colic.

“It's a very harsh reminder that even though they're physically safe, they're not in a place where they're starving any more, we don't know what damage was done internally due to the starvation.  We don't know what other issues they might have. It's definitely a reminder that while they're here and they're getting food, they're not in the clear yet,” said Maya Proulx of Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue.

The recovery costs are adding up. The veterinarian's bill to the nonprofit for the past month was more than $5,000, and the organization hopes the community continues to support these animals with donations.

Once the horses are fully rehabilitated in a few months, Hope's Legacy will begin placing the horses in new and caring homes.