CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A month after Orange County investigators raided a Somerset farm, a group is working to make sure officers never find a scene so devastating ever again.

Experts gathered Friday night to talk about the steps to enact laws and regulations preventing animal cruelty. This comes after more than 100 starved and mistreated animals were found in October on Peaceable Farm. 

“If the law had been different, would this have happened? If the law had been different, would we have known sooner? Would we have been able to determine there was an issue or a problem that something could have been done about?” said David Lands of the Virginia Horse Council.

The group, Virginians for Change to Animal Legislation, has laid out several proposals.

They hope to develop an anti-animal hoarding law, start an animal crisis response team, and make sure every call to animal control gets a call back or visit within 24 hours.