CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Those who lost their lives in school shootings were honored Sunday in downtown Charlottesville. Organizers of “Notebooks for Peace” raised awareness about the horrible impacts these killings have on a community and the nation.         

The Tandem Friends School and the Charlottesville Center for Peace set up a display of 262 notebooks that lined the Freedom of Speech Wall on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. Each notebook represents someone killed in school shootings since the attack at Colorado's Columbine High School in 1999.

“There's a tendency in this country to have this great uprising after a school shooting happens of love and community connection to the school and then we sort of forget about it a couple of years later and I don't think anyone really realizes the number that's accumulated by this point," said Zoe Bearinger, on the Tandem Friends council. 

A Post-it note was tucked in each notebook, showing the name and age of each victim. 

“It wasn't just hearing a number or seeing a memorial, it was seeing 262 items that everybody's kids, my kids use in the classroom every day,” said Adam Slate, passerby.

Off to the left, a pile of notebooks represents the killers who took their own lives after committing their crimes.

“A huge amount of the shooters commit suicide and usually if they're successful in killing another person they end up killing themselves, which is incredibly sad,” Bearinger said.  

Slate says each blank page represents a life's story that will never be written.

"We look through the notebook we see all the work that they did and these are notebooks that will never be filled by kids who were killed,” Slate stated.

All of the notebooks were donated by students from Tandem Friends School. Later, they will be given to school children in Costa Rica.