ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The woman charged in an animal cruelty case in Orange County is out of jail, at least for now.

Friday afternoon, a judge approved bond for 57-year-old Anne Goland, who also goes by Anne Shumate Williams. She is charged with 27 counts of animal cruelty. By Friday evening, Goland had posted the necessary bond. 

Tommy Doyle can't believe a judge Goland the opportunity to get out of jail. He was at Peaceable Farm the night of October 19, when deputies with the Orange Co. Sheriff's Office raided the property, recovering dozens of animals and more than 80 horses.

“I personally witnesses horses locked in their stalls, starved to death. It was the worst thing you have ever seen," Doyle said.

Eleven of those horses seized by the county now live on Doyle's property. "Three of them had really bad respiratory infections. They're all doing very well now," he said.

Doyle says seven of the horses will head back to their previous owners once prosecutors allow it.

As part of the $75,000 bond agreement, Goland can't visit her Somerset property without the supervision of sheriff's deputies, and she's not allowed to own any animals. The judge also imposed a limit on Goland’s online purchases to less than $100, which the defense objected.

"The conditions are restrictive. They are designed to address the concerns the commonwealth has," said Thomas Purcell, Goland’s attorney.

In court, Goland's defense argued she represents no danger to the public or animals. In fact, they said animals still on that farm are gaining weight again. Prosecutors countered that it's only because Goland was removed from the situation.

"This has never been about a person who actively abused animals. She got into a situation where her finances dried up. She was down to a point where she was trying to herself take care of a hundred animals," Purcell said.

Goland's attorney says she was living out of her car at the time of the raid.

She's due back in court Wednesday, Nov. 18, for a seizure hearing on those animals taken.

Prosecutors say they're still investigating whether to press additional charges in this case. Right now Goland isn't facing any felonies.

Goland had been held at Central Virginia Regional Jail.