ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Educators from Hungary are visiting Albemarle County to learn how to use successful classroom practices in their own schools.

Three men from Hungarian school systems visited Stony Point Elementary and Albemarle High School Thursday to observe how project-based learning works inside the classroom.

The group met with students and teachers who are practicing “maker curriculum” learning; an educational method where students are encouraged to use creativity, as well as hands-on problem solving skills.

The Hungarians wants to use more of this classroom style in their own country because they say school work there is far behind America's.

"We have the same kids who play the same games, who read the same books, who have basically the same feelings. But we have an education system which is much behind in terms of talking to children, concentrating on what they need than you do," said education consultant Peter Fuchs.

Albemarle County schools integrate science, math, art and history in project-based assignment so students with a variety of interests can participate.

The visitors say they want to model their school after Virginia because the total population of Hungary is almost equal to that of the commonwealth. They say it's a great way to gauge success if the county’s model was mirrored in their country.